Spoiled Rotten Bulldogs

  Creating Super Affectionate Lops

Rainbow Bridge

**This page is dedicated to the bunnies we've loved and lost**


Our Precious Lexi

(such a sweet girl to the very end, she died along with her babies after a muscle spasm during labor)

Sweet Rosalee

(a sweet girl who died when a baby got stuck and labor couldn't stop...her sister Jewels and brother Stormy remind us of her so much)

Pretty Ruby

(a hot day and a major fire in the area stressed her out too much)


Our Little Greg

(the heat is a killer....no matter how much we tried to keep him cool, the hot day took its toll and made him get too dehydrated and he couldn't recover)

Our Princess "Leah"

(She started showing signs of not feeling well while her babies were young, yet she hung on until her very last baby went home, before she died....a GREAT mom to the very end.  We'll miss her very much!!)

Daddy's Little Purple

(She showed no signs of being sick, yet she went to sleep and never woke up.) 

Sweet Sara

(She gave us a beautiful 1st litter, and gave us 2 that would carry on her color and 2 that would carry on her brother Greg's color.  She died keeping her babies warm.  She will always be in our hearts.)

Our Little Fighter Thumper
(From the day he was born, he's been a fighter, he was very small and wouldn't gain weight, but with help from a high calorie diet and special meds, he always managed to make it thru.....but just couldn't bounce back this time.)


(Nico was such a sweet little boy, right up to the very end.)


(She was such a sweet girl, that loved to cuddle, we'll miss you Claire.)


(This guy had a rough start and lived a good life to the very end)

Coco Puff

(Such a sweet bunny, just like her mom, brother and sister.  She followed her mom to the other side, and left her brother, sister and daughter to carry her memory on)


(He had so much personality, and was definitely a favorite.  Even with air conditioning, the heat still took him from us)


He was an AMAZING dog and friend, and will forever be missed