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We've now added SHIPPING options to our kennel.  Shipping animals isn't cheap, but if you live out of state, it might be the cheaper way.  Please note there are times when shipping is not possible due to adverse weather that may endanger the health of the puppy.  Such weather includes temperatures below 10° Fahrenheit or greater than 85° Fahrenheit at any point of travel.


The following will be fees in addition to the cost of your puppy:

        *Airline approved travel cage (approx. $55)

        *health certificate per puppy ($40 per puppy) *issued by a licensed veterinarian*

        *shipping costs (goes based on dementions, weight, and location) 

        *clip on food and water dishes ($1.50 per dish)


All fees must be paid in full before I will ship the puppy.  As soon as I make the reservation, I'll email a copy of the information to you, so that you have it.  I'll need your name as it appears on you photo id, your address and your phone number, so that I can make the reservation.  They require both the shipper and the receiver to provide the information, to protect the animal, and make sure that it goes to the right person. 


I can't control how much the health certificates are, how much the kennels are, or how much the airline charges, but I will get quotes from different airlines, for the cheapest rates for you.


When your puppy arrives at the airport, we'll give you an Alaska Airways Dome Number, so that you can track where your puppy is, and if there's any delays.